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Surface cleaning with baking soda? YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!

During the execution of orders, we use the most efficient equipment of the American manufacturer SodaBlast Systems ™ the SB machine - 500 Trailer. SodaBlast Systems ™ is a modern technology for cleaning all kinds of surfaces from dirt, without exposing the cleaned surface to damage. Above average efficiency in removing contamination and no risk of damaging the cleaned surfaces is possible due to the very high speed of ejection blasting flow, which reaches 965 km / h - this speed is three times higher than in regular sandblasters. Due to the high speed, the abrasive granules will break up into the dirty surface, perfectly removing dirt and leaving the surface in an intact condition. SodaBlast Systems ™ is not only more efficient in cleaning, but also in time saving. Thanks to the high speed of blasting flow, the removal of dirt takes less time than traditional cleaning.

SodaBlast Systems ™ offers three operating modes. Their selection depends on the type and intensity of dirt and the type of a surface; two of them are dustless modes, which is another advantage of this technology in comparison to regular sandblasting. Using SodaBlaster ™ machines we have the ability to clean:

• In standard mode called dry-cleaning. In this mode, the abrasive is discharged through the nozzle with a great speed and cleans a surface.
• In hydrodynamic mode, using water. This mode allows eliminating dust that is harmful to health and harmful to the environment by up to 95%. With a hose connected to a tap or a container with water from one side and to a special nozzle from the other, a stream of water is delivered forming an areola around the stream of abrasive/air mixture.
• In the innovative mode called "Water mix". It enables adding abrasive into the container and pouring it over water in the proportion of one to one. This method eliminates dusting in 100%.

To clean steel that may corrode in contact with water after removing rust of paint we can add a concentrate “RUST INHIBITOR” that will prevent a surface from rusting for a three-day period.

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