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Nowadays, environmental protection is a priority. Baking soda is easy to dispose of and has an eco-friendly pH level of 8.2. It also dissolves in water after its granules are crashed into dust at a cleaned surface.

For the European Union, ecology is the basis for the further development of economy. SodaBlast Systems ™ ensure safety and this is why soda blasting is promoted by the EU as a future standard. All equipment from our offer and the technology we use meet the national and European standards. The machines were verified by the National Labour Inspectorate (Polish: PIP), the Office of Technical Inspection (Polish: UDT) and they have a CE certificate with a notified body that as an independent supervisor checks every container in the USA before their shipment to Poland.

Our services

Food industry

Removing post-production dirt, cleaning transport machines and belts,...


Renovation of elevations of historic buildings, memorials, gravestones

Public sector

Keeping the streets clean, removing graffiti, removing painted lines from...

Automotive industry

Renovation of a car’s body, interior, vintage and modern cars in private...


Cleaning brick, wooden, plastered building elevations and removing dirt,...


A preparation for painting small objects and large steel constructions...

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